Stamps to expertise

In the following comments there will be items that need expertizing.

Your opinions are welcome!

Please note that clicking on the thumbnails in the comment will enlarge the stamps to the original size uploaded.

Author: LME

I have been a philatelist for over 50 years specializing in the stamps, postal history and postal stationery of Japan.

29 thoughts on “Stamps to expertise”

      1. On the original example, I was struck by how thick the strokes were. (Almost as if the font had been set to ‘bold’ – lol!)

        Was that an indicator of a forgery at all?

    1. At our meeting, it was determined that this stamp was a forgery with the sanko hidden beneath the fake cancel.

      Later it was determined that this forgery was a Wada, plate 39, position 5.

    1. At our meeting, it was determined that this stamp was a forgery with a sanko between the crest and the sun.

      Later it was determined that this stamp was a Wada, plate 13, position 3.

      1. A follow-up question: have these been forged extensively?

        Since they are quite valuable, I assume they’ve been forged to a least a small extent. Would that be a correct assumption?

  1. 600 ppi jpg
    (will also upload 1200 ppi version; also have tiff versions available, but these jpgs have very little compression applied and have not been edited in that mode)

    1. The initial opinion of genuine was rendered because the stamp had the secret mark on two dots in the bottom left shippo.

      To confirm that this stamp is genuine after our initial opinion, we plated the stamp.

      The easiest way to plate these stamps is to look for something in the margin. In the case of this stamp, there was a small brown extension at the at the bottom left corner. In searching through the picture of the plate, that same extension seemed to occur in position 22.

  2. That’s amazing, and great news, about the 3 dragons!
    Thank you all very much for working on these!
    – – – – – –
    I think the one thing I’ve learned is that this grasshopper has a great deal to learn. (More on this later …)

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