Welcome to the website of the Southern California Chapter of the International Society for Japanese Philately. The Society is non-political and non-commercial with one objective to help individual collectors in the Southern California or elsewhere to more fully enjoy and more deeply understand the complexities of Japanese and Related Areas of philately.

Japanese stamps are the most beautiful in the world and the unique early stamps often present collectors with fascinating challenges to determine where in one’s collection they belong.  There are forgeries, overprints, surcharges, perforation varieties and color varieties. Whether you are a beginner or have collected for years, you will find much on this site to broaden your interests, your collection, and your enjoyment.

We have no “business office” but instead meet anyplace that there is room to accommodate our members. If you need to contract us please send an email to our President at president@isjpchapter.org.

This site was first posted on 28 February 2019 and is incomplete.  Please be patient while we complete the site.  No professionals who want to do our work for us please.  We want to take our time and do our site ourselves.

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